If it were possible for a tornado exist inside of a black hole that would be me. my job has brought out the fucking worst in me lately.  I feel like shit physically and mentally.  I wish I could come home for once in my fucking life and not have to go to bed alone.

"We all have our scars. From loving someone too deeply. From wanting to protect someone too much."

Mei Tachibana, Say I Love You 

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My my would you look at the time…


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No I don’t know anything about that

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Ringo the Rescued Raccoon Play Wrestles with His Best Friend, Rock the Coon Dog ** video **

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so turns out the guy who discovered uranus originally wanted to name it “george”

just. imagine a planet called George

mercury venus earth jupiter saturn GEORGE

"your name is george? like after the planet? haha"

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Blood stained ice on Baffin Bay, Greenland

Photo credit: Layne Kennedy

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  • me: i need to sleep
  • me: *masturbates*